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Work-Life Balance For Women

Are you a woman, trying to juggle it all but can't find the perfect work-life balance? Use my tips to create a balanced lifestyle to help ensure all aspects of your life are being nurtured and you feel in control.

As women we carry a lot on our shoulders. Most of the time we have it under control. But on many occasions we experience that feeling of unbalance. This is especially true when it comes to finding balance between our personal life and work. So, how do you create an empowering work-life balance for women?

Whether you work full time, part time, have a side hustle, or just trying to make ends meet, my tips below will help improve your work-life balance, reduce feelings of overwhelm and release the guilt we all feel when we neglect area’s of our life.  

It’s important to acknowledge, work-life balance means something different to everyone.  What I may consider as living a balanced life, you might consider chaotic.

Finding the perfect work-life balance for women starts by understanding 'you' are your biggest priority.

Work-Life Balance For Women: How To Achieve A Balanced Lifestyle

Set Your Priorities

It’s important to acknowledge; What you focus on the most and how much time it takes away from you. Then ask yourself the question – Does it align with my life priorities?

If you find that the answer to your questions are not serving you, try my tip below.


TRACK YOU TIME: Track how you’re spending your time for one week. How much time do you spend doing the things that matter to you the most? Do they align with your work, life, relationship and health priorities? Eliminate things in your life, or delegate where possible if they don’t align with what matters most.

ACTIVELY PLAN YOUR ACTIONS: Begin each week by identifying your top three objectives for the area/s of life that’s in most need of attention. Each day, plan an action that works towards those objectives. These actions must help you accomplish your short or long term objectives, make progress and give a specific area of your life the focus it requires. 

Set Boundaries

Achieving a healthy work-life balance involves setting boundaries. This goes for both work and home.  

At work, ensure you communicate effectively with your team about your availability and level of workload.  Do not be inclined to take on more that you can handle at the time.  

In your personal life, learn to say ‘no’ to people and situations that do not serve your time or energy wisely.

Check out my post – How To Say No!  for tips on how to create boundaries in all areas of your life. 

Once you set your boundaries – stick to them!

Be flexible

Flexibility is key with anything you are trying to achieve. Especially if you’re trying to create more balance in your life. 

Most likely things will come up that can throw off your plans. But that’s OK! 

They main thing is to adjust your plan as needed, and don’t be too hard on yourself if you didn’t get something done. Just schedule it for another time.  

Find Time for yourself

Ensure you are not putting off your own downtime and putting everyone’s needs before your own.

Whether it’s a full day, a few hours or 30 minutes of ‘me time’.  Making sure you find time for yourself throughout the day helps recharge your mental health and addresses a vital element in maintaining a balanced lifestyle. 

Ask for Support

It may not be easy to achieve a healthy work-life balance 100% of the time.  However, you can re-balance your life by asking for help when needed. 

This goes for both work and in your personal life. If the demands or expectations of work are too much, you need to let your employer know, so they can help address the pressures.  

You will be amazed how many people are actually available to you when you need it. 

If you need more expert help, you can also talk to a doctor or other mental professionals if you need additional support. 


Delegation is important within the workplace and in your household.

If your workload is becoming too much, delegate tasks to other colleagues who can take on extra responsibilities and relieve some of your actions.

At home – especially if you live with other people, have conversations with them about what help you need. Allow them to take responsibility for the area’s in your living arrangements that you are unable to focus on. 

Reward yourself

As women, we tend to put ourselves last on the list.  So it is important to get into the habit of rewarding yourself for all the victories – big and small.

Switch off

Draw a line between work and home.

With the technology available to us all today,  it’s easy to blur the lines between work and personal life.

Getting into a habit of working a little (or a lot) later than your actual core work hours, is probably the hardest struggle when trying to balance your work and personal life.

A way to change your routine of overworking would be to set a specific time each day where you shut everything work related down.  Whilst doing this, you also remind your colleagues that you’re not available outside of your daily core hours.

Drawing a line between work time and personal time sets specific boundaries to enable you to focus on what matters at specific times during the day. 

Work-Life Balance For Women: How To Achieve A Balanced Lifestyle


Having a positive work-life balance as a women life is not easy. However, the benefits of working towards your ideal work-life balance can have immediate and long term effects on your health and well-being.  

A balanced lifestyle enables all the elements of your life adequate time and attention to be nurtured. It will reduce your stress and enable you to manage all you have to do in a much better way.  This can help you feel better about yourself and put things into perspective. 

In a nutshell, creating work-life balance is imperative for your personal and professional growth.

I’d love to hear how you create balance in your life.

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