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These 3 Books Totally Transformed My Life

I'm an avid reader of self-help books. However, if you asked me which books I would recommend to someone looking to make lasting change in their life - there are only 3 books on my list!

With so many books on the market promising to help your journey of change, it’s so easy to get ‘self-help fatigued’.  I understand how frustrating it is to actually find books that deliver what it says on the tin! So, I wanted to share the 3 books that totally transformed my life and created the long term change I had been seeking.

I’m sure you’re fed up wasting your time searching for the magic formula to create the life you actually deserve. So take the shortcut and check out my recommendations below. 

Click the video below to hear what I have to say and read the summary of the 3 books which helped me shift my mindset, lose nearly 30lbs (and keep it off), get out of debt and start a new business!

These 3 Books Totally Transformed My Life

So what are the 3 books I herald as the catalyst for my change?

Click the video below and find out why!

However, it’s not just about sharing the books. It’s also important to read them in a certain order  and be willing to ‘do the work’!

Below I go into a little more detail about each book and why I found them so useful in my own journey.  Like I shared in my post – 3 Reasons Self help Books Won’t Work For you, it’s so important to be committed to the change you want to achieve.  This means:

  • Following the exercises.
  • Doing the work.
  • Commit to change.
  • Getting to the root of why you find yourself in the position you’re in.
  • Get uncomfortable with the truth of your own self sabotage. 


This is the most influential book I have read in my life!

Without it, I would still be unsure of how to start changing my circumstances. Or even more importantly what I really wanted to change!

It’s a big book, with over 500 pages. But, each chapter is packed with ‘ah ha’ moments, insights into your behaviour patterns and will uncover why you do what you do – and how to change it!

The most transformation thing for me was learning how to create my ‘Life Values system’ and the rules that governed them. This was HUGE! Catapulting my initial ‘wanting to change‘ to ‘being committed to change’ and taking real responsibility for my life.


Don’t make the mistake and think this book is about making money. No! This books is about Goal Setting! How to set goals, how to take action on your goals and how to track and monitor your progress.

This book will enable you to understand the science of goal setting. It gives you the tools and processes to make it easier to achieve what you want and enjoy the journey towards the person you are becoming.

I use the daily, weekly, monthly and annual strategies in this book to stay focused on the big picture of my life. How else would I have been able to stay on track losing weight, getting out of debt, starting a blog. All whilst working full time, raising a family and being a supportive wife!

In a nut shell – I would never feel motivated to work on my goals, without having the strategies to ensure success.

3. ATOMIC HABITS - James Clear

Atomic Habits ensured I understood how to develop the habits that will enable us to make it easy to change.

3 years ago, my habits had me weighing nearly 150lbs (I’m 5ft!), almost £20k in debt, smoking 20 fags a day, with a ‘woe is me’ attitude. This book helped me understand the cues and rewards those habits served. And then taught me how small, simple adjustments to those habits compounded over time to develop into major life changes.

These 3 Books Totally Transformed My Life

My 3 book recommendations are shared as a short cut and opportunity for you to save time.

Without reading each of those books, in the order I suggest, I think I would still be broke, overweight, unhappy and living in auto pilot.  

Grab your own copies and start transforming your life with laser focus. It’s time to know what you want to achieve. How to go about achieving it.  And developing the habits needed to make it all come true.

I’d love to hear how the books have helped in your transformation journey or if you have books that you can also recommend!


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