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The Ultimate List of Core Values & How to Find Yours

Living with purpose starts with having a clear vision of who you want to become. This ultimate list of core values will help you find your personal values and start moving towards a more purpose filled life.

If your life seems to be on auto-pilot and you tend to have the same feelings and experiences day in day out, it may be time to take radical action. 

If you’re unsure of ‘how’ to change the way you feel, then my ultimate list of core values may help.

In this post I share:

Read on and get ready to radically change your outlook on life, how you spend your time and what you focus on. 

The Ultimate List of Core Values & How to Find Yours


Values Vs. Beliefs

People tend to intertwine the meaning of belief’s and values.  However, for me, they are two separate things.



Beliefs are the ’emotional connection’ to the stories we tell ourselves. (What we think.)

We tend to live our lives based on our belief’s.  Whether these beliefs are good or bad, most belief systems are developed through our life experiences and what we have been told as children. 

Most of the time, we are not even aware that these beliefs are being formed. We simply accept them as part of our identity and they tend to guide how we navigate life.

Until we take time to challenge belief’s that do us harm or keep us dis-empowered, most of our life will be ruled by the emotional connection we have to the thoughts we think. 



Values are the ‘emotional states’ that are important to us. (How we want to feel.)

Core values focus on the positive emotional states we want to feel.  Despite how we think, we can develop personal core values that can override a disempowering belief system.

It wasn’t until I identified the core values for my own life, that I started to make real progress towards the things I wanted to achieve.  My old belief system was unable override the intent of how I wanted to feel, (my core value/s) and I started experiencing life on a whole other level. 

Why Are Personal core values important?

Finding Life Purpose and Direction

People talk about ‘having a life purpose’ and for the most part – most people struggle to work out what that is!

Through my own journey, I’ve realised that ‘your life purpose’, usually finds you once you have established a set of core values that are important to you.

When you know your core values, 3 things start to happen in your life:

  • You’re clear about what is important and deserves your time and attention.
  • You have a defined direction for what and how you do things.
  • You make quick decisions which are aligned with your intentions. 

Core values make you focus on the ‘way you want to feel’.  They are the emotional states you want to identify with on a day to day basis and consciously make space in your life to experience them. 

I’m in no doubt that taking the time to understand and re-set my value system was one of the key elements to How I Changed My Life at 41 and finally took action towards my goals!


4 steps to finding your personal core values

I’m so passionate about the impact of core values on my own life! So, I’ve created a free workbook for you to download and get started finding yours right away!

Download the workbook and in 4 simple steps, you will: 

  • Have a defined value system to create the life you’re moving towards.
  • Create rules for each value which are empowering and achievable. 
  • Be aware of your pain values and how they do not serve you.

Grab your free values workbook download now and get ready to set the next chapter of your life with goals and actions aligned with your new core values system. 


What are some examples of personal values?

There are many examples on the internet of the top core values, however personal values are an individual choice for us all. 

If you’ve downloaded the workbook and need inspiration for strong core values to adopt, download my A-Z of Personal Values PDF. 

The list includes common core values examples for you to pick from, to start building your own purposeful life. 

The Ultimate List of Core Values & How to Find Yours

So now you know how important core values are and how to find yours! 

But are you really ready to start living a values based life and experiencing each day in a totally different way?

Defining my own core value system was the catalyst for my personal growth and progress.  It created a set of values which supported the way I wanted to feel. Gave me direction to create those feelings and pushed me through some really tough times. 

I hope it can do the same for you and I’d love to hear how you are getting on with the workbook. 

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