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The Truth About Being A Woman Over 40
Approaching, deep in it or well over the age of 40? You MUST watch this video if you really want to know the truth about being a woman in your 40s.

In this video, I speak honestly and openly about what so many of us are going through – but may be too embarrassed to admit.   

All too often, we project an image to the world of what being a woman over 40 should be and represent. However, inspired by the recent responses to my survey, I’m overwhelmed to learn that women from all walks of life are experiencing such similar challenges and struggles. 

“The same struggles I was going through before I started my Brazen Journey!”


The Truth About Being a Woman Over 40

Click HERE or the video above to go directly to the video. Grab a cup of your favourite beverage and lets spill the real tea on this very interesting time in a woman’s life! 

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