The most influential woman in my life is my mum. Although we bump heads occasionally, I thought it only fitting to share her with the world in my first Q & A with my brazen mother.

The video below has been on the cards for a long time.  But you know how the mother / daughter dynamics can be!  We both had to be in the right mood and frame of mind!   After many months of clashing schedules and priorities, we have finally been able to sit down, have a chat and do a whole video for my Q&A With My Brazen Mother.

Yes, it may be a little indulgent.  Because in reality, why should you care about my mum!  But, without her I would not be who I am today. (Plus, she has been bugging me to do a video with her since I recorded my first ever video.)  So here we are, talking and laughing as I attempt to get to know her a little more and answer questions I’ve never asked before. 


I’m so glad we finally got to record face to face on camera. It’s so interesting to see how we interact with each other from a third persons point of view. I noticed things about her and myself I was not aware of! I would urge you to try it with your own mother or child. You may uncover some hidden gems of knowledge, a reason for some of the things they do or a whole other way of seeing them. 

I hope you enjoyed the Q & A With My Brazen Mother and it gave you a little insight as to why I am who I am today.

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Let’s face it, we can’t decide who our mothers are, but we can make an effort to hear their back story so we can understand why they do the things they do. 

I hope this has given you incentive to take the initiative to learn more about your own mother or mother figure.  You never know, you may discover the missing piece of information that can set you free from any hang-ups or belief’s you’ve been carrying around for decades. 

What was your favourite quote from my mother?  Let me know in the comments in the video!