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People WILL Disappoint You
Has anyone ever disappointed you? Even if it happened days, weeks or years ago - I bet you're still pissed off about it. If you're ready to let go of any negativity your holding towards someone who didn't do what they said they would, check out my video below and set yourself free!

Whether it was a small action or one that had a major impact on my life –  my blood would still start to boil when I thought about times I’ve been disappointed by other people.

I would always ask myself why, but never found a satisfying answer.  However, this week I asked a different question:

“What if it wasn’t them – IT WAS ME?”

In my video post below, I share my 7 minute lightbulb answer to the new question. 


This new revelation has enabled me to forgive, laugh and move on quickly from the big and small disappointments we all encounter in life.  If you’re ready to let go of any negativity your holding towards someone who didn’t do what they said they would, spend 7 minutes of your time with me by clicking HERE and set yourself free!

“Your expectations of others, should match the promises you keep to yourself”  


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