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One Habit You Need to Make Progress Today

Usually I'd share my background story of how I got my act together a few years ago and what inspired me. But not this time. Today is about sharing one habit you need to make progress today - we have no time to waste!

Each of us has a story about why we can’t achieve something. Ultimately, being ‘too busy’ is a common excuse we use when we don’t want to address the things that are too difficult.

In reality, the difference between progress and stagnation is not purposefully creating the habits we need to successfully achieve the goals we say we want.  

If you’re honest with yourself, I’m sure you’d agree that most of your day is on autopilot and you repeat the same patterns and habits you always have. Keeping you in the same situation, with the same beliefs and mindset.

I know first hand that you tell yourself ‘you’ll get round to it’. Your just waiting to ‘feel right’ or for ‘the best time‘ to take action.  But the brain does not work like that.  

Your brain is designed to keep you safe. So that could mean spending large amounts of your week watching TV, scrolling social media, or making yourself feel good by consuming more cheesecake than humanly possible. (Been there – done that!). What ever it is, your brain will continuously give you green light to keep it up. Why? Because it’s safe and in your comfort zone. 

So, what’s the one habit you need to make progress today and really take control of your behaviour and therefore you life? 

Over the years I have developed a planning system to purposefully schedule the habits I needed to adopt in order to lose weight, change my belief system and get out of debt. It was only by doing this that I finally turned off the autopilot and changed my entire life direction. 

So let’s get into it! 

Download my planning system below to see exactly how I ensure I am cultivating the right habits to take action on my goals and make progress towards changing my life one day at a time. 

DISCLAIMER: I think it’s important to note why my planning system has been so effective for me.  I am very clear on my life values and ensure all the actions I take are geared towards one of the 10 most important values in my life. If you need to understand and be totally focused on getting the most out of your life, I suggest downloading my free worksheet ‘Set Your Values and Change Your Life’, before you start your planning.

This planning system is the one essential habit I adopted in order to make progress in all the goals I have. I use it for all sorts of things I want to achieve and it has never failed me yet.
Yes, there are times when I don’t follow through on some of my habits for a few days. But on the whole, I am keeping the promises I made to myself to do better and be better.  
If after a few months I find that something needs tweaking, improving or abandoning because it’s not getting the results I want – I make a change to the actions I will take.  
I dare you to be brazen enough to try something new and start planning your own success by doing the one habit that you need to make progress today. 
As always, let me know how you get on



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