My Scripting Method for Manifesting What I Want

My Scripting Method for Manifesting What I Want

I've never spoken about my daily scripting habit before. But I'm finally comfortable with seeing and experiencing the desires I'd written down come into my life. So I thought, what a perfect time to share my scripting method for manifesting what I want.

It’s taken a few years to refine my scripting method.  Actually – let me change that! It’s taken a few years for me to accept my scripting habit as a factor for manifesting what I want in life. 

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I am a true believer in the notion ‘”what you think, you become”.  But, it wasn’t until I stumbled across the ‘Law of Attraction’, that I realised the creative power of my thoughts and intentions. The basic premise of the law is the belief that; positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person’s life.  

Well at the time I could not argue with that! I used to constantly be in a mindset of lack.  Lack of money, lack of time, lack of motivation.  The more I said or thought this to be true, the more evidence and experiences of lack showed up in my life. It never occurred to me that I had the power to create thoughts in my present, which directly impacted what would come to me in the future. That’s where scripting came into my life and I started being more aware of how my thinking was creating obstacles for both my present and future goals.


Scripting is writing down exactly what you want to attract into your life.  It could be anything. Relationships, money, career, health, material items, a change of mindset. ANYTHING you WANT! 

There are three important elements of focus whilst scripting:

  • Write in the present tense as if you are experiencing what you desire now.
  • Be as clear and detailed as possible about what you want.  
  • Whilst writing, think about the emotion you will feel achieving/having what you want.

With scripting, you don’t have to worry about the ‘how’. Pay no attention to any obstacles currently in your way. Don’t think about anything you have to do or how long it will take to get what you want. This is not a goal setting exercise.

Scripting is an intentional day dreaming exercise.  Which, by writing down your desires, you are setting an intention for yourself and putting that thought energy out to the universe.

Sounds a bit ‘woo woo’?  I agree!  But it works!  I’m testimony of it. (and it scared the sh*t out of me when something big first manifested!!)


My scripting started as an experiment. I was half in, half out.  Saying to myself – lets see if this really works. Well, the strangest set of events happened after I wrote the entry below on 5th January 2019. In the most unlikely set of events, my cousin and I found ourselves at the Vaynermedia London headquarters, for an event called ‘Conversation with Gary Vaynerchuck‘. I met him, spoke to him and even gave him a gift for his mum, (long story!).

Obviously I needed a reason to believe, and the universe did not play with it’s response to my intention! Although I was not detailed or clear on what I wanted, my experiment had manifested in such an extraordinary way – I was sold. 

So I started to take it more seriously. I got a new note book, dedicated to scripting and started one of the best habits of my life journey. 

Scripting method - Gary Vee


So lets get into what I actually do!

I always do my scripting in the morning.  Like clockwork, after I workout, I open my notepad. I generally know what I’m going to write about as I’ve already set my goals for the year. Having goals already written down, makes it easier to have something to focus my energy on. But there are also times I would script about an upcoming event or situation. Writing down how I want it to go, how I want to feel about it and my desired outcome. 

The first line usually starts with the words; “I’m feeling so…”, and then I write down the positive emotion I expect to feel once the goal is achieved.

I then go on to describe, what I’m feeling so… about. No matter what I’m writing about, I always write in the present tense. As if the circumstance is happening right now. On some entries I describe the look of the item or where I am when the goal is taking place.

Once I’ve completed my entry, I sit in my day dream for a few minutes. Absorbing the sounds, smells and emotions of my dream coming true. The whole process only takes 7 – 10 minutes and because your brain doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is not – you get an instant high from it. 

Here’s an actual entry from my scripting journal: 

15th June 2020: I’m feeling so proud of myself.  My first vlog is uploaded! I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and just went for it. I got so many comments and feedback. I feel great and confident. Hey – I look good on camera! I do not know why I was so apprehensive about it before.  You go girl!!

At the time of writing, I didn’t know what I wanted to vlog about. Or when/if I would actually get the courage to do it. But I believed visualising and writing it down would set the intention for it to happen at some point. I filmed my first vlog nearly one month later! 

Be careful when scripting that you don’t doubt yourself.  It’s so easy for negative thoughts to creep in and override your creating process. If this happens, counteract it with a thought of gratitude. For example, you may want a new car. But if you script and the thought of how much you hate your current car pops up  –  counteract it with gratitude.  Be thankful for actually owning a car that still gets you from A-Z!  A positive thought will always beat a negative thought when repeated long enough.

Still not convinced?

Well the only way to know for sure if scripting works, is by giving it a try. Obviously, not everything I’ve scripted has manifested – as yet.  (I’m still waiting for my Range Rover Evoke lol.) However, I know it’s all coming because I have set a clear intention for it, know how I will feel when it comes and know I don’t have to stress about how I will get it.  

How do I know?  Because since starting the habit of scripting, so many things I wanted have come into my life in the strangest of ways. Sometimes even better than I imagined. 

Are you ready to begin a scripting method for manifesting what you want? 



  • Natalie Vincent

    Absolutely LOVE this post! I had started doing this but nowhere near as much detail as you’ve mentioned here! I will definitely be slotting this in after my morning work out and make a conscious effort to remain in an abundance mindset.

    Thanks for sharing your technique Chantelle and watch this space!

    • Chantelle - I Am Brazen Spirit

      Hey Natalie, So glad you enjoyed the post. Make sure to come back and let me know what manifesting miracles have come your way. Chantelle. x

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