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My One Year Blog Anniversary

Wow -time flies! This week marks my one year 'Blog Anniversary'. The last 365 days have been filled with highs, lows and a lot of inspiration. Join me in celebrating my blogging journey as I reflect on where I started, what I've learned and where my journey is taking me.

I can’t believe I’m celebrating my one year blog anniversary. It seems like only yesterday I closed my eyes and pressed the publish button on my first ever blog post: Why Self-Help Books Never Worked for Me.   I was so scared to put myself and my story out there. Of course, I had no idea what I was doing!  All I knew was, I had a burning desire to share the lessons, habits, thoughts, life changes and revelations I had discovered on my journey to become a better version of myself.

Low and behold 12 month later, I’ve published 37 blog post, shot 4 video’s and created 4 workbooks. But the most satisfying part of it all, is you!  Since the first post went live on 25th November 2019 I have had 266,839 hits on the website and 149,456 page views.  Me!  Little ole me!!

I’m overwhelmed that so many of you take time out of your busy lives, to visit my little piece of cyber space.


There’s been highs and lows along the path.  But I’m so glad that I felt the fear and still went for it.  Making a commitment to myself and to you, has been another stage of my ‘becoming’.  And look at me now – celebrating one whole year on the internet.  

So lets get into what I have learned and as always, I hope this post inspires you to go for what you desire. 


The Lesson I’ve Learned Over the Last Year

I’ve learned so much about blogging, (with tons more to learn), but most of all, I’ve learned so much about myself.  The biggest lesson I’ve embraced during my time as a blogger? (That’s the first time I have felt comfortable calling myself that. #progress.) 

The biggest lesson is: “You don’t have to be ready to start.”

This is the key.  Every step I’ve taken since paying for the domain name – I’ve not felt ready.  I had no clear direction of what I wanted to achieve, however, each step I took, revealed an opportunity to learn, change course or celebrate an achievement. 

Not only did this help my ‘blogging life’, but I got even more courageous in my personal and work life too.  In this anniversary week,  I can truly say I embody a Brazen Spirit. I no longer second guess my gut instinct – I just go for it, ready or not.  Sometimes it works out great. Other times it does not.  But the point of the matter is – I went for it.  

Whatever the outcome, each leap of faith to just start, left me stronger, more confident and more resilient to take the highs and the lows.  

Just Start!

The Highs

The first thing which comes to mind when I think about the highlights of the last year is creating My First Video.  You have no idea the anguish I had the days before I actually filmed it. 

Believe me, for the 14 minutes of footage that you see,  there’s about 45-60 minutes of outtakes.  Again, something I thought I was not ready for! It was stressful, but it was fun.  What’s more, it gave me such courage to see what I was becoming and the changes I was making to my life. 

Another high was writing the post: Self Care Checklist for Women in Their 40s.  I’d been struggling with motivation for a few weeks and was spending a lot of time asking myself the wrong questions. I think this is the first post when I decided I would be vulnerable and let readers know what I was really struggling with – despite all the ‘mindset work’ I had put in over the years.

The feeling of liberation felt so good at the end of writing the post.  Not to mention, the Self Care Check List is one of my most popular downloads!!  From that point on, I felt so comfortable sharing snippets into my own life.  Again, I thank you all for your compassion and grace. 

The Lows

I’m sure the information above will make it look like the last 12 months was such a breeze and I enjoyed every minute of it.  It wasn’t and I didn’t!

I had so much I wanted to say and share that sometime it got overwhelming. No matter how much you think you have progressed in your ‘mindset – reset’, overwhelm can stop you in your tracks.  If you’ve been with me from the beginning of my journey, you’ll recognised that these are the weeks when there is no Sunday newsletter!!

Then of course, there’s ‘imposter syndrome’. Every time one of my blog posts gets a lot of hits, I celebrate.  But, there’s a quiet voice in my head that say’s, “Look at you thinking you’re Mel Robbins or Oprah trying to change peoples lives. Who the hell do you think you are?”

And then I would panic about my position in this ‘self help arena’ and write a blog that I’m not too proud of! 

This voice is getting lower and lower as time goes on. However, there are times when I have to repeat to myself – 

“I am here, I have something to share and I am worthy!”

My lows over the last 12 months have been mainly triggered by a crisis of confidence. As I start becoming even more comfortable with calling myself a blogger, I have no doubt those voices will get lower and lower. They may never go away, but I will not let it stop me from transitioning from who I was, to who I am becoming. 


Let’s be honest – I’m human!  So anytime one of you sends me a message, comments on a blog post or clicks through on my newsletter, I’m inspired to continue writing and sharing. I love connecting with you and getting to know you. It’s the validation I need to know what I’m producing is actually helping you – I love it!

A lot of my blog post are inspired by you. Tell me what you want to know, learn or change and I guarantee I will help you find a way.  Take my last blog post.  A subscriber asked me how I start and track new habits.  Low and behold, not only did I do a blog post, but I created a Wellbeing Download.

What you want, matters to me!  So, don’t be shy to ask.  I’m here to help you make some of the major life changes I’ve made in my life.  If I can do it – you can to!

Let’s inspire each other.

My Plans for the Next 12 Months

Well, where do I start!!  My plans for the next year of blogging are bold and brazen.  Again, I’m probably not fully ready for them all, but I’ve been scripting them, so I know they will manifest in some form. 

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned that I took a coaching course last year.  This is one area I have a passion for and have been working on in the background whilst running the blog.  This is a major area I hope to launch in the new year.  

Other things on my list include an ebook, online courses and some speaking engagements. 

But my three most important plans for the future is to enjoy the journey,  continue connecting with you and for us to inspire each other to embrace a bold and brazen mind, body and lifestyle. 

If I can create all of this in only 365 days – imagine where you will be if you make the commitment to start something now!

Let me know in the comments below what type of content you would like to see over the next 12 months. 

I’d also love to know what you’re favourite or most useful blog post has been so far!



  • Marie Thomas

    Dear Chantelle,

    Good day.

    Happy Anniversary to you.

    I have followed you from the start, you are an inspiration to myself and your followers. Must admit some times I forget to stay on course. I guess it is a number thing.

    Keep up what you are doing with God`s Blessing on your side. Sharing is caring, therefore I will continue to share your blog.

    Love you Daughter.

  • Jenna Lambie Ridgway

    Congratulations on what you’ve achieved Chantelle!! It’s so important to mark these milestones. Lots of love to you from a fellow ‘imposter syndrome’ club member. Jenna xx

    • Chantelle - I Am Brazen Spirit

      Thank you Jenna!! Literally can’t believe time has gone by so fast. Hopefully we will both be able to resign our membership to that club and own our power – totally and authentically.

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