It’s OK to Take a Break

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Have you been procrastinating and putting things off? Are you feeling overwhelmed or just consumed by brain fog? If so, I'm here to tell you it's OK to take a break.

I recently had a week of overwhelm, frustration and procrastination. So what did I do abut it? Absolutely nothing!  I told myself it’s OK to take a break and enjoyed my hiatus from pursuing my goals.  

Here’s the thing, I’m all for going all in on what you want to achieve. However, just like any machine, your mind needs periods of time where it can just rest. And that’s exactly what I did.  Yes, I found myself behind on what I had planned to do, yes I had to play catch up with some of the actions.  But the best thing that happens when you take a break is that you get clarity.  

In the moment, it may seem like you’re wasting time.  However, it’s a great way to stop and review your direction.   The ideas and solutions that come to you whilst on your break, could in fact save you time, energy and money in the future!

Check out my video below and see what started my stint of procrastination and hopefully give you some inspiration if you are currently on your own ‘break’ but feeling guilty about it. 

It's OK to take a Break!

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