i gave up sugar for a month

I Gave Up Sugar for a Month – This Happened

It's been a whole month since I started my No Sugar Challenge. For a sweet tooth like me, it's been an epic task of discipline and motivation. But was it all worth it? Have I noticed any changes within myself and will I go back to eating sugar?

In My 4 Week No Sugar Challenge blog post, I outlined the reasons for wanting to give up sugar. At the time, all of them felt compelling and gave me the motivation to give the challenge a proper try. However, I think I underestimated just how much of the things I was eating contained refined sugar.  It was literally everywhere! 

Over the last month I have been keeping track of how the challenge has been going.  (If you follow me on Instagram, you may already be aware of the struggles I’ve had!!)

Click the video below and find out what the journey to sugar free has been like for me. And most importantly – If I plan to eat sugar again!  


Trying to remove sugar from my diet has been such an interesting experience.  With all the mindset hacks and habit forming exercises I do, this challenge serves as a reminder that we are all still a work in progress.  And the struggle is real!!

Any time we set new goals or decide to make changes in our lives, we are confronted with beliefs we assumed we got rid off years ago.  The work is never really done – but the journey always reveals a brand new layer of strength and determination. 

The things we discover about ourselves are always the fun part. Especially when they help shift our identity towards the person we want to become. 

PS: Don’t forget to make self-love your priority. You can still grab my Self-Love Tracker here

Let me know in the comments below if you have been inspired to start your own transformation challenge.



    • Chantelle - I Am Brazen Spirit

      Thank you Jenna. I feel liberated from my old beliefs about my addiction. Yes, the 80/20 rule is defo a state of mind to live by. None of us can be ‘good’ 100% of the time. Where’s the fun in that. lol.x

  • Marie Thomas

    I do admire your power to control your mind in regards to the challenge. Well done. I guess my mind needs a prep. Usually make plans for being healthier and do not carry it out. Only increase drinking and walking.

    • Chantelle - I Am Brazen Spirit

      Thank you Marie. The secret when making plans is not to change too much all at the same time. This can overwhelm your mind before you take the first step. Start with something small and sustainable for a period of time and then slowly add something else. It’s easier to build habits than to force change. x

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