Simplify Your Life in 5 Days

How to Simplify Your Life in 5 Days

Do you need to streamline your life and make your day to day experience easier? If so, my top tips on how to simplify your life in 5 days will help you create more time for the things you love.

Small changes in the way you do things can have huge impact on your life. Being able to simplify your life in 5 days is the perfect kick start to create space to focus on the things that are actually important to you. 

Simplifying your life can mean different things to different people. From mental space, physical space or calendar space, there is only so much time and energy you have in one given day. In my own personal experience, I have found simplifying my own life within all those area’s has enabled me to have more freedom to focus on my goals.

In 5 days you can create less stress, cut down your to-do list and have more time and energy for the things that actually make you feel good.

Use my top tips below to simplify your own life in 5 days and start to eliminate and automate what you do and how you do it. 

Whether you decide to implement each action over 5 consecutive days, or spread them out over a month, your path to simplicity can start today. 

How to Simplify Your Life in 5 Days

DAY 1:


Accept the past is the past:

There is nothing we can do to change any events in our past.  But we have the power to decide how they effect our present and our future.  This may be a difficult thing to do. However by reframing our past as learning experiences and looking for examples of how it made us grow, we take back the power.  Accepting the past is not about accepting ‘what happened’, it’s about accepting the fact that we cannot do anything to change it, but it will not keep us captive. You can try using mantra’s or affirmations to help calm your thoughts whenever ghost of your past show up.


Focus on what you can control:

Instead of constantly recreating a narrative of all the reasons we find ourselves in our current situation, start to take responsibility to focus on the things you can control.  Namely – yourself!  You can control what you do, how you react and what you say – especially to yourself.  By blocking out the noise of the things beyond your control, you can start to simplify your thinking.  Again, this now puts the power of how you live your life directly in your own hands. 


Declutter you mind:

Do a brain dump of all your idea’s, thoughts, goals and to do list.  Get it out of your head and on to paper.  Doing this allows you to take stock of the things that are taking up space in your mind.  Once out of your head, review it.  Eliminate the things that are not important and make a plan to take action on those that are. Following this process on a weekly basis will start to free your mind of unnecessary chatter.  Allowing you the space to only focus on your priorities. 

DAY 2:


Meal planning:

In our modern lifestyle, with all the demands of our time, deciding what to eat each day takes way to much brain power!  So much so, that a lot of the time our choices are not that great.  Simplify your life by creating a 30 day meal plan, creating one less decision to make each day.  Not only will it free up your time, but it will have a profound affect on what you actually fuel your body with each day. Your meals can be planned with healthy options – instead of convenience choices.  


Online shopping:

Once you have your 30 day meal plan, use online shopping to buy the ingredients.  This saves you time as you don’t have to leave your house. It also saves you money, as you will only buy the things you need – creating less waste.  Imagine how simple your life will be when you know what you’re eating on that day. The meal is healthy, nutritious AND you have all the ingredients to create something you will enjoy. 

DAY 3:


Review your bank statements:

Take the band aid off and have a good look through the last 3 month bank statements.  Start to eliminate payments for things that you no longer use or need. If you have been paying for insurances or services for years, investigate if you are getting the best deal. Simplify your outgoings to only pay for things that are actually of use.  You could end up saving a substantial amount of money each month. 


Set targets to pay off debt:

If you have loans, credit or store card debt, make a plan to start paying them off.  There are many methods you can apply to pay off debt.  Have a search through google and research which method will work best for you and your circumstances. Once you have decided and set a goal date to be debt free, use my Debt Free Tracker to help you stay on top of your progress.  It may be a slow process, however having a plan takes away the anxiety, simplifies the payments and gives you the control. 

DAY 4:


Get rid of anything broken:

For many of us, there is a space in our homes for ‘items that need fixing’.  These items have probably been there for years – get rid of them!  Broken items in our environment trigger emotions every time we see them. They are a reminder of the things we have not done or dealt with.  Removing them from your environment creates space not only in your home but also in your mindset. 


Declutter your bedroom:

Obviously decluttering your whole house will be beneficial.  However, focussing on your bedroom first will have great affect on your quality of sleep, therefore overall quality of life.  The space where we sleep not only effects how well we sleep, but also our mindset as soon as we wake in the morning.  If your bedroom is full of clutter and dis-organisation, it’s the first and last thing you see each day.  Give yourself the best possible chance of creating the most optimum sleeping environment. Tidy, getting rid of and simplifying your space.  This will also allow for positive starts in the morning and can lead to beneficial morning routines. 

DAY 5:


The actions above will have a huge impact on simplifying all areas of your life. However, there is so much more you can do to purposefully simplify the time you spend on anything!  Click on my recommended blog post below explore more.

Over the next 5 days, start to implement the tips above to help simplify your life. Creating a simple life can help you release some of the day to day stress we all experiences.  Once you start your journey, you will discover even more ways to remove unnecessary actions, thoughts, and boundaries. This will enable you to add more good stuff to your life!! 

Is there something you already do to help simplify your life?

I’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment below!

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