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How to Make Your 40s the Best Decade of Your Life

My 40s came in a blink of an eye! One year in, I panicked! – hence my Midlife Crisis! But instead of allowing the fear to take over, I embarked on a journey that helped make my 40s the best decade of my life.

In order to make my 40s the best decade of my life – I needed a plan. One that didn’t overwhelm me,  allowed me to be in full control of my life and give me hope and optimism for the future. I needed real life advice.  Nothing difficult or too time consuming. Just something to point me in the right direction. 

Did I find it?  Hell no!  I had to spend 3 whole years actually working out what I had to do to fully embrace my 40s and look forward to what the future holds.  

And now I’m sharing what I discovered and how YOU can make your 40s the best decade of YOUR life! 

Whether you’re approaching your 40s or right in the heat of it and still can’t work out what you want – don’t fear. Luckily you don’t have to do all the research and wait as long as me to find the answers. I’ve done all the hard work for you!   

The principles I share in my video below have totally changed my life. Enabling me to get out of debt, save money, release 28lbs of weight and create the best decade of my life. 

Crush Your 40s and make it your best decade ever!

5 Ways to Conquer Your 40s:

Challenge the negative beliefs you have:

Don’t live the next 10 years of your life with the same beliefs and mindset you were living before.  Be willing to let go of any disempowering thoughts you have about your past and start to make new emotional connections. By doing this (and I know it’s not easy), your new beliefs will enable you to create a more positive mindset for your future.   

Spend your energy wisely: 

The way you spend your time has such an impact on both your emotional state and how you see the world.  So, make sure you spend your time on things that really matter to you and bring you joy.  We are all different, so what you chose will be different to everybody else. However, it is important to pay attention to the people, places and environment you find yourself – as this leads to influencing your emotional state.

Create new goals: 

Your 40s is a great time to re-evaluate the direction you want to go in and set a new course for your life.  Imagine all the things that could you could do in the next 10 years that will be of benefit to you, your family or even the wider community. Most importantly, the person you become when working towards those goals will give you motivation to strive to even bigger goals. If you have nowhere to go, you will stay where you are! 

Align your habits with your vision: 

Your habits are the sum total of what your life is today, because we are what we repeatedly do.  Being 40 gives you a great period of time to shed the old you, create a new vision for your life and consciously change your habits. The best way to do this is to start with a small step but make it a big priority.


Be Accountable:

No one is coming to save you! Your life is 100% your responsibility!  Whether you want to be happy, wealthy, change your weight or feel worthy – it’s all up to you.  Nobody is coming!  And that’s the good news! Realising the important role you play in your life will change your expectations on yourself and others.

Stop comparing yourself to others:  

Social media is a land of carefully curated highlight reels, and in your 40s, it’s easy to fall into the comparison trap. But remember, everyone’s on their own unique path, with messy bits hidden behind those perfect filters. Celebrate your own wins, big and small, and find joy in the quiet victories of everyday life. Your journey is yours, and it’s beautiful just the way it is. 

Be strong but still ask for help 

You don’t have to pretend you know it all or have your life all sorted.  You are now past the need to prove yourself to others.  Your 40s are the best age to recoup all your experiences and analyse what you really want – giving you the courage to seek help for anything you are struggling with without feeling like you’re being judged. 

Embrace the rearrangement:  

Your 40s are all about rearrangement –  for your entire life! Priorities shift, careers take detours, and family dynamics change. Embrace the unexpected, be kind to your evolving self, and remember, there’s beauty in the mess.


Your 40s are not about survival, they’re about thriving. It’s a time to shed the expectations, embrace your authentic self, and write the next chapter of your story with passion, purpose, and a whole lot of fun. Let’s show the world what it means to be fierce, fabulous, forty and freaking fantastic! 

Share your own tips of making your 40s the best decade of your life below.

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