How to Make Self-Care A Priority

How to Make Self-Care A Priority

Are you in need for some 'me' time? Desperate to get away from your normal routine and just focus on yourself? Let me give you the tools on how to make self-care a priority.

I’m a big advocate of making yourself feel good and structuring a life towards the things that make us happy. However, I’m also fully aware that the pace of life, can often get in the way of making self-care a priority. 

Not only that, but our idea of self-care can actually sabotage our initial intentions. Doing all the things you want to do to make myself feel good – right now, may not be the best form of self-care.  There is a fine line between what feels good in the moment and what is actually good for us.

In the past, whenever I felt overwhelmed, I would convince myself I deserved to take a break from it all and be free to wallow in the mess and ciaos of my life. 

My version of self-care manifested itself as laziness, procrastination, binge watching, and double servings of Pizza Hut Nacho’s (with extra cheese). But the reality is, indulging in things that felt good at the time was not serving me in an empowering way.  

True self-care comes when you think about your long term happiness and well being.

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All too often, we think self-care means having a massage, taking a long bath or getting a manicure.  But it goes far beyond that.  To take care of yourself in a holistic manner, you need to encompass your whole life.

My 10 Day Wellbeing Kick Start Plan will ensure you get the best out of life on a daily basis? Download the free challenge now and start to plot your joy everyday. 

The download gives you a helping hand with this by including ideas for each area of your life that may need some care and attention. Including: 

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Personal Growth
  • Rest and Relaxation
  • Family and Relationships
  • Financial Improvement
  • Fun and Experiences
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how to make self-care a priority

Self-care shouldn’t be about making plans to escape our current lives.  But rather, little actions to be practised each and every day.  Creating a life we don’t feel the need to escape from!

Too much of the wrong type of self-indulgence will consume your mental focus, health and finances. Giving more emphasis on the ‘self’ and not so much on the ‘care’.  These results give you no rewards in the long term.

Real self-care requires you to question whether you are truly doing things that are good for your ‘future self’.

It’s essential to plan self-care which cultivates simple, daily habits and actions, to feel good now and be excited about tomorrow. The self-care actions you take on a regular basis, build the foundation on how you love yourself and how you teach other to love you.  

If you think you have no time to make self-care a priority, check out my blog post Plan Your Week Like A Pro, and see how easy it is to carve out the time you need every single day. 

Let me know in the comments below if you are up for the challenge! 

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