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How to Create the Perfect Vision Board

I'm an avid believer in putting good thoughts into the universe and setting intentions. But sometimes you need visual cues to keep you focused on what you want to achieve. A vision board is the perfect way to provide a constant reminder of the life you want to experience. And I know just how you can create the perfect one!

If the idea of a vision board takes you back to flicking through magazines as a child and cutting out pictures you like – well, you’re on the right track! However, speed up a few decades later and think of it as a focused representation of your goals, desires and aspirations.

I created a vison board at the start of my journey. Not only did I love the process of putting it together, but using it as a motivational aid, has become part of my daily routine.  It’s how I visually remind myself and emotionally connect to the life I want to create. Each image on my vision board has been chosen because it represents aspects of my core values or area’s of improvement and achievement I want to make in my life. I’m able to imagine the feeling of living that reality.  And, for a moment in time – it becomes real!

The best thing about my vison board is, as I start to accomplish many of the items represented in those images, I build more belief in my ability to actually change my life. 

So how did I make the perfect vision board which motivates and inspires me every day?

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Go Big or Go Home

When I created my vision board, I was still up to my eyeballs in debt, nearly 30lbs heavier and not feeling particular good about my life.  If you’re feeling anything like I was back then – a vision board is the perfect escape from that disempowering mindset.

Think about it as a shopping spree, where you can pick and chose anything you want.  Money is no barrier.  Time is not an issue. Your current age, ability or life situation does not hinder you. Anything you can conceive is available to you. 

You need to go big with what you want to achieve. Ignore any limiting beliefs and have fun as you build an image of your life to come. After all, your imagination is an incredible tool. Any idea (good or bad), can give you the motivation to act.  Let’s focus our mind on the good things and create an amazing life in pictures to keep us inspired. 

Section Your Vison Board to Reflect Different Aspects of Your Life

A lot of vision board examples show one big board scattered with images for all areas of your life.  I believe the perfect vision board should be more focused on your primary aspects of improvement.

My vision board is made up of three main categories for my life. 

  • Career and Finance
  • Health and Lifestyle
  • Relationships and Experiences

These categories form my overall life vision.  Each with it’s own sub category.  Why have I constructed it like this? 

It’s all about being focused and intentional. My mind can be easily distracted if I’m not careful. Putting images on my board which relate to a specific part of my vision, enables me to focus on one key aspect.  My current board is full of aspirations that add to my overall desires in those areas. It hasn’t changed that much from when I first put it together, apart from one thing;

Over the last few years, I have achieved many of the ideals some of the images represent. 

Now, you could say without the vision board I may have still achieved the goal.  But I’m not convinced! There’s been so many time’s I’ve had idea’s or goals  I wanted to pursue. However,  a few days or weeks later, totally forgot about them. 

The visual cue of having the board, keeps the idea, feeling and desire alive on a daily basis. 

My Current Vision Board
What Images Should You Actually Put on Your Board

No matter what images or quotes you choose, make sure they give you a pleasurable feeling.  The whole point of creating the perfect vision board is that it needs to inspire you. 

(You can decide to keep it old school by using magazine cuttings. Or create your vision board with images from the internet. Personally, I chose the digital route as I can find a wider range of images to help convey the goal. It also allows me to change, update and add images as I go along.)

The images you chose have to give you a trigger to imagine yourself in that way. It doesn’t matter how outlandish or unbelievable the image may seem!

For example, on my career and business section, there’s a Glamour cover image of Taraji P Henson. Look how fierce she is on that image! Owning her power, sexuality and success.  When I look at that image (and obviously exchange her face for mine), I feel so good!  I imagine turning up for the photo shoot, getting my hair and make up done and trying on the clothes.  For a brief minute, my whole being is transported to a different reality.  

That’s the power of visualisation! It plants the seed in your mind.  All you have to do is chose the right image or quote to begin moving towards a state of possibilities on a regular basis. 

How to Use Your Vision Board

My system of visualisation is firmly entwined into my morning routine.  So, much so that it’s a daily habit which occurs without any resistance.

Before I go to bed, I put the board on the wall where I do my workout.  When I get up in the morning, it’s the first thing I see.  Whilst working out, I will focus on one category and visualise myself in action of that image.

Being in action means to imagine how a day in the life of that goal will be. I’ll use the example from my relationship and experience category.  You’ll see there’s an image of the movie Girls Trip. When this film came out, my two best friends and I said “We have to take a girls trip and go to Essence Fest.”  When I look at the image, I imagine packing my suitcase, arriving at the airport. The flight over to the US. Our hotel room.  The music, food and vibe. (Just writing about it is getting me excited). I put the whole image into action. 

This manifestation exercise enables my mind to create vivid images, which my body responds to and motivates me to make it a reality. 

Use your vision board to mentally create the experience, achievement or goal in action.  Think about the sounds you will hear.  The smells you may encounter or how you will feel internally if it were happening right here – right now. 

Whether you do it in the morning, afternoon or evening, enjoy taking a few minutes each day to visualise your new reality and imprint the possibilities of a new life experience. 

How to Create the Perfect Vision Board - pinterest

Use the images on your board to hold that vision in your mind as you move through your day. You’ll be amazed at the opportunities which arise to help you move towards it. 

Let me know in the comments below what categories you will focus on for your boards and why. 



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