How to Achieve More Balance in Your Life

How to Achieve More Balance in Your Life

Are your emotions, time and energy being pulled in different directions? Don't despair! There are 5 simple ways to achieve more balance in your life - starting today!

All too often we find ourselves going through the motions of life.  Being pulled from one commitment, problem or obligation to another. Never finding time for the things that bring us joy.  That’s why, two weeks into my 30 Day Vitality Challenge, I wanted to share the video inspo below, on How to Achieve More Balance in Your Life from one of my mentors – Brendan Burchard.   

When I first started my journey of transformation, I created ten core life values. I was determined to use these values to achieve more balance in my life. However, as I didn’t understand what ‘balance’ really meant, it was a hard struggle to find it. 

At that time, I thought the way to have more balance was to cram in all my values based actions into one day. My list for the day would be filled with: something I enjoyed, something physical, something creative, connecting with family and friends, something just for me, something spiritual, learning something new, achieving something!  Well, obviously, the result of such a demanding list to be completed within 24 hours left me overwhelmed and disappointed at myself for not achieving it. 

“It took a while for me to understand that balance, also has to be balanced!”

It’s impossible to be everything to everyone (including yourself), everyday.  Not only will it drain you of your energy, but you will actually start to feel resentful. Over the years, I’ve learnt to change my own rules on what a balanced life is.  In doing so, I have achieved more balance! 

I no longer put pressure on myself to tick every single values box each day.  My measure of balance is spread out over the week. By doing this, I am able to focus on one or two core values each day, whilst dealing with the demands of life.  By the end of the week I have a sense of balance as I have ensured I have experienced things that are important to my creative, physical and emotional well-being. 

Spreading my measurement of balance over one week gave me one of the most liberating revelations of all. Can you believe my husband and children didn’t even want the amount of time I thought I wasn’t giving them. All they wanted were moments throughout the week when I was focused on our interactions and conversations. It wasn’t the length of time spent – It was the quality of the time spent. Eureka!!

With all that said about my experience of achieving more balance in my life, lets turn to you!  You’re reading this because you want to know how to achieve more balance in your life.  

Well, let me leave you in the capable hands of one of my mentors –Brendon Burchard.

In Brendon’s video below, he will explain 5 ways to achieve more balance in your life.  And the good thing is – you can start today. 

My ‘Ah-Ha’ moment from his video below is:

“Allow yourself to struggle for a little while, but have the intention to get back to  balance.”

(For those of you who want to get right to the 5 steps, the time stamp for each one is below the video.)

  1. Decide ‘why’ you want more balance? (2.52)
  2. Remove distractions (5.39)
  3. Say No! (7.23)
  4. Be more explicit in communicating your boundaries (10.23)
  5. Improve your well-being (11.39) 

I loved the advice in this video!

They are all actionable steps you can do right now to start experiencing the type of balance you want in your life.

I especially love the notion of being aware of our ‘bleed time’  We are all so guilty of doing that these days!

Did you have any 'Ah-ha' moments from Brendon's steps? What actions are you going to take in order to start achieving more balance in you life?



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