Goal Setting Planner - For Women Over 40

Goal Setting Planner – For Women Over 40

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Are you finally ready to take action on the dreams and goals you've been putting of over the last decades? My complete Goal Setting Planner is just the thing you need to ensure you achieve everything you want.

My Goal Setting Planner – For Women Over 40, is a 94 page downloadable workbook ready and waiting for you to use and take action towards all the things you have been putting off.

I know what it’s like turning 40.  You suddenly realise you’ve spent so much time making sure everyone around you is OK , that you lose sight of yourself and your own wants and needs. 

My 94 page planner will free you from your current autopilot mindset and create a road map towards how you want to live, what you want to achieve and who you want to become. 

inside your planner

Check out the features of the planner and see how easy it is to take the next weeks, months and years into your own hands.  And start living a life you truly want and deserve. 

Here’s where the magic begins! All the things you’ve ever wanted to experience, achieve, own or learn – write them down. It doesn’t matter how outlandish or out of reach they may seem. These are your goals and dreams! 

Crafting my Journey - Finding my Why

Split into 8 categories for your life. It’s the fundamentals of your goal setting plan. Creating the blueprint for your journey. Getting clear on what you want and why you want it, is important to keep you motivated along the way.

It’s time to put your 50 life goals in order of priority. As not all goals are created equally, some will take longer to achieve than others. Instead of getting overwhelmed with where to start, lets get them into perspective.

So you’ve determined your time scales, it’s now time to get super focused. The good news is, you can free your mind from all your long term goals and focus solely on the next 12 months. Get ready to plan your life for the next 365 days.

It’s all about celebrating the wins along the journey. What better way to do this than marking down all the little successes you encounter on the road to success. The more milestones you record, the greater the motivation to keep going.

Your new year can start at any time! The monthly action plans are designed for you to create the actions needed to accomplish your one year goals – whatever your start date. Gain momentum towards the things you thought were impossible.

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