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It's all too easy to think the women we admire, didn't have their own struggles to go through. It's time to get inspired and take some time to delve a bit deeper into their stories. You may even find their struggles are not too dissimilar to anything we have all experienced or still going through. But what they have done, is found a way to move pass their obstacles and become the Brazen Women we know today.

Click the name of the Brazen Women below to be taken directly to their story. Some names you may know, others you may not. But each story is worth the time to watch and find a connection.   

Get an insight into their lives and the journey they have been on. You may be surprised how much you have in common with them!  But most importantly, they may drop a little gem of wisdom or a solution to help you with your own struggle.

More video’s to be added soon!

If there is anyone in particular you would like to see, let me know in the comments below. 

Tracee Ellis Ross | My Life is Mine 
Marie Forleo | Failures Are Opportunities 
Gabrielle Bernstein | Turn Fear into Faith 
Rachel Hollis | You Are Enough
Lady Gaga | Mental Heath
Mel Robbins | Change Your Life
Alicia Keys | Don’t Sell Your Soul
Jenna Kutcher | Just Get Started
Lisa Nichols | Rescuing Yourself
Jennifer Lopez | Self Image
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