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Is Fear of Success Holding You Back?

I've got a to-do list as long as my arm, filled with actions to take my life to the next level. So why am I not doing the things I need to do? Is fear of success holding me back?

This was not the blog post planned for this week.  It’s been a trying few days and I was intending to share what I’m doing to get me through it all.  However a phone call from a family member changed all of that.  I suddenly realised I’m at a transition point in my life where I need to take the next steps. However, the fear of success has been holding me back. 

Every time I know I need to reach towards the next level, a new sense of fear creeps in.  However, it’s not the fear of failure that gets me.  It’s the thought in my head saying “what are you going to do if you succeed?”

I couldn’t write down how I was feeling following the phone conversation, so decided to get comfortable being uncomfortable!  So, a few months after shooting My First Video, I’m back on the sofa, sharing what I’m going through.  


It would be so easy for me to remain on the path I’m on right now.  My cousin reminded me of how far I’ve travelled over the last few years. But she also reminded me of my unexplored potential!

That conversation ignited the simmering flame in the pit of my stomach, which I’ve been trying to suppress. 

Does that resonate with you?

Are you aware of the reason you are procrastinating, finding excuses or blocking out the noise of you true calling? It’s so easy to ignore – fear will do that to you.

But you know what’s worse than fear?


The way I see it, I can either ignore my instincts and live in the familiar.  Or, take action on the smallest, easiest step on my to-do list.  Can you guess which option I took today?

Let me know what type of fear is holding you back!



  • Patricia

    Yet again brilliant write up Chantelle ✍ 👏🏾has per usual. This one does leave alot of food food thoughts 😕. I think my fear 😨 is am getting to old for changes but like you said deep down in the back of your mind the feeling is I will look back and regret it. It’s not even a matter of a career 🙄change. It could be thinking of a different surroundings especially in this changing times due to covid 19. For me getting older and now working from home 🏡 leaves me with a big question? Is it time 🤔 for change. Moving on to different surroundings and scenery. Like you rightfully ✅ said Chantelle don’t look back and regret. Confront your fear 😨. Your cousin was quite right ✅ and it’s so refreshing 😌 when someone is noticing your achievements. This just goes to show you’re doing something right ✅.

    • Chantelle - I Am Brazen Spirit

      Hi Pat, what a wonderfully honest comment. I think deep down you probably know if it’s time to make a change. However, I know how scary it can be to commit to that decison and take action. The one thing I will say is; don’t pay attention to your age! I’m sure the years you’ve spent on the planet, has given you many lessons which can testify to how brave you really are. Think back to a time when you had to make a difficult decisions and reflect on what you did and what the outcome was. Then put a date in your diary to accomplish just one easy task that can test the waters of the change you want to see. No matter how old you are, life will always bring change. Lets be brazen together and feel the fear – but do it anyway!!
      Chantelle. x

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