I'm chantelle

A London born girl who at the age of 41 made a decision to embrace all the things I love. This includes carbs, air max 1s, high buns and big hoops. I now live a fully brazen life – creating new goals, making time for myself and filling my life with the things that bring me joy.

And now I’m sharing my secrets with you!


...the truth is

I had been married for over 22 years and have two children. I had a successful career, nice clothes, decent car and good social life. So, on paper my life seemed pretty great.

But in reality, I was nearly 30lbs over weight, swimming in debt and had a very negative self image – all of which I hid from the world!

In 2017 I had a midlife crisis. As the weight and debt pilled on, I could no longer carry the shame of my excuses for the situation I found myself in.

The transformation

I made a commitment to change my identity. Not for the outside world. But changing who I believed I was. I no longer wanted to live a life of lack. I wanted to feel abundance. It took me two years to discover the processes to adopt the habits which improved my mind, body and lifestyle.

Within 2 years, I had lost the excess weight, took control of my finances, and changed my negative mindset to one of confidence, vibrancy and abundance.

Now, I’m not going to lie; my personal transformation was challenging at times – especially when I first started. However, the biggest habit I changed was my negative belief’s about what I could accomplish. I was more determined and focused than I’d been for the last decade!

dancing to my own beat!

And now here I am! By 2019, I was buzzing with the confidence of all the goals I’d achieved. But what I found most rewarding was seeing the impact I was having on other people, when I shared what I was doing.

Armed with my arsenal of habit changing processes, goal setting techniques and positive mind-setting hacks, I was ready to share it with the world.

I Am Brazen Spirit was born!
‘A space to share all the techniques I’ve leaned which transformed my mindset, habits and lifestyle’

It’s time to make your life easier, eliminate all your barriers and start living the best version of yourself.

Let’s connect, explore and share ways to live an authentic life – one habit at a time!


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comments from my brazen subscribers

Yet again a brilliant write up Chantelle. This one does leave a lot of food food thoughts. Like you rightfully said Chantelle, don’t look back and regret. Confront your fear. This just goes to show you’re doing something right.

Patricia H.

You are so inspirational with you putting women in touch with women. I have read Louise Hay`s book, also listened to her cd. Continue your journey. I love reading and sharing.

Marie T.

Congratulations on what you’ve achieved Chantelle!! It’s so important to mark these milestones. Lots of love to you from a fellow ‘imposter syndrome’ club member.

Jenna R.

let's really get to know each other!


DISCLAIMER: I am not an ‘expert’ on the topics you find on my blog – I am a practitioner!  Every hint, tip, hack or recommendation I write about – I have tried, tested, adopted or let go. I am always looking for ways to make my life better, simpler and more enjoyable – so what I did a year ago, I may not do now – but it’s all important as part of my journey.  

have made a commitment to myself to be better, do better and most importantly feel better , so c continuously research information and techniques from the most revered minds and practitioners in the world.  I then decipher and break them down into bite size actionable processes and use what works for the goal I’m trying to achieve. In other words – I make their processes easy to follow, take action and make progress in the real world!  This technique has changed my life.  Basically, I’m not telling you to follow everything that I write about, but try them on for size over a period of time, see how it fits and then make your own adjustments.  Remember: you are designing your life for you!

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