9 Things Women are Struggling With Today

9 Things Women Are Struggling With Today

Weight loss, time management, overwhelm and self confidence. When it come to the areas in life women are struggling with - we're more alike than we think. Check out the top 9 things women are struggling with today and know you are not alone!

A few months ago, I created a survey for my subscribers and readers asking them what they were struggling with in life.  I was amazed to find the majority of women are struggling with the same 9 things and had been for month and years.  To be honest – they were the exact issues, I myself used to struggle with. 

However, there seems to be an unspoken rule that women, (especially women over 40), should have sorted all those ghosts and struggles out years ago.  And if they haven’t, they dare not talk to anybody about it for fear of being judged.

That said, I wanted to remind you I Am Brazen Spirit is a judgement free zone.  Sharing the list of the 9 things women are struggling with today lets you know you’re not alone and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.  In fact, the whole nature of this website is testimony that you can come from a place of self-doubt and low confidence but emerge on the other side having created a brand new perceptive on life – A Brazen Spirit!

(If you identify with anything on this list, check out my video The Truth About Being A Woman Over 40 where I drop some more truth bombs about the things we don’t talk about!!)

9 things women are struggling with today

So read on and discover the top 9 things women are struggling with today, secure in the fact that you’re not the only woman struggling at this moment in time.  I’ve also sign posted some of my blog post and videos that may help you start to work through those struggles.

1. Being overwhelmed

Of all the options on the survey, the majority of women ticked the box for being overwhelmed.  The reason for this overriding consensus could be down to living through the pandemic over the last two years.  However, from my own experience, many of us experienced the feeling of overwhelm well before Covid-19 struck.  

The feeling of overwhelm can be triggered by many factors and can last for a short time or prolonged period.  There is always going to be highs and lows in life.  However, creating better ways to support your mindset when life gets a little hectic can help you start to address this struggle and get some perspective.  Check out the links below.  

BLOG POST: How to Achieve more Balance in Your Life. 

VIDEO:  Ways to Control Any Situation

2. their weight

Whether we’re comparing ourselves to other women or to a body size we had many years ago, there’s something about women and weight that seems to plague us throughout our life. 

The good news is, most of the women who answered my survey made weight the second biggest struggle we all seem to face.  So it’s time to stop feeling bad if every time you look in the mirror you don’t always like what you see. 

I know first hand how hard it is to shed the pounds.  So I’m not saying it’s a simple struggle to overcome.  What I do know is that once you make a real commitment to improving your health – everything you do in an effort to change it, will compound and give lasting results from the moment you start. 

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VIDEO: 4 Minute HITT to Start Your Weight Loss Journey

3. Managing their time

Time management featured high in the responses for what women are struggling with and I get it!  There is so many things to juggle in life and so many people depending on us, it all becomes too much and we end up feeling – (you guessed it) – Overwhelmed!

The one equilibrium about time, is that we all have the same amount each day.  The difference is what we prioritise in the time we have.  

I believe time management is one of the easier struggles we can start to work on.  By implementing planning systems and routines, we are all able to carve out hours in the day to focus on what needs to be done.  

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4. knowing where to start

Not knowing where to start was the forth highest thing women put down as a struggle. Whenever we decide we want to change something in our life, not knowing the right steps to take can paralyse us to doing anything at all.

The best solution I’ve found over the last 4 years to overcome this struggle, is to just start somewhere and keep it simple.

Even the smallest action can start the momentum towards what you want to do. Forget about whether it’s the right step of not.  Just take action. 

BLOG POST: 5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Life Today

VIDEO: 4 Effective Strategies To Break Bad Habit Loops

Believe it - download - promo - I AM BRAZEN SPIRIT

5. lack of motivation

I was in no doubt lack of motivation would be on this list!  Been there – done that, (and still prone to it now!).  But what I’ve come to realise is motivation is not about being lazy.  It’s far more complicated than that. 

Being unmotivated stems from not having a ‘why’ strong enough to combat your excuses.  If the reward of completing whatever you have to do is not attractive enough to take action – you will not do it!  Once you identify an empowering ‘why’ it can be the secret weapon for your motivation.

BLOG POST: How to Get Motivated When You Have No Motivation. 

VIDEO: Define Your Values and Change Your Life

6. fear of other people's opinions

I’m so glad this came up as one of the 9 things women are struggling with today.  Not because it’s a good thing – but because it’s something we all need to admit has an impact on our lives.  It’s amazing how much power we give to other people in regards to how we see ourselves. 

But lets be honest.  The majority of the time, the people that seem to voice their opinions are not always living the best examples of their own life.  But yet still, we are fearful of their judgement on us. 

The truth is, all of us have some degree of fear of being judged.  The trick in getting over this struggle is do what you want to do anyway!  People may talk, give unsolicited advice or try to discourage you. Be Brazen and see what happens.  Hey! You might even inspire them!

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7. low self-confidence

I’ll be honest.  I thought low self-confidence would be higher up in the list.  (I’m glad it’s not!).  Having suffered with low self-esteem, I know how disabling it can be and how it impacts all areas of your life. 

In my personal experience, improving your self-confidence only comes from taking action. Even if that action is small – the fact that you took it, creates a little more trust within yourself.  It’s also important to focus on the things you are good at and celebrate small wins everyday.

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VIDEO: The Truth About Being a Woman Over 40

8. lack of organisation

I’ll admit, this is not one of my own struggles.  But I’m fully aware of how the lack of organisation can have a huge impact of how you live your life.  This includes; not having time, forgetting things, feeling stressed and a lack of focused.  

Of all the 9 things women are struggling with today, I think lack of organisation is probably the easiest one to fix. Check out the post below and get yourself organised for the week ahead. 

BLOG POST: Time Blocking Cheat Sheet

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Time Blocking Download - I Am Brazen Spirit

9. finanacial management

Ssshhh!  We can’t talk about money!  Oh yes we can!  But the problem is we don’t.  I was nearly £20k in debt before I said enough was enough – I have to face my financial monster.  And so many of us are still burying our head in the sand, ignoring our financial health. 

If you identify with this struggle, I urge you to make a plan to start addressing it today.  Yes, it may be scary coming to terms with the amount of debt you have, if your month is lasting longer than your money or the fact you have no savings.  But believe me – the longer you leave it worse it gets.   

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9 things women are struggling with today

Did you identify with anything on the list?  If so let me know in the comments below and lets start to have open and honest conversations about our own struggles, in the effort to release our burden of shame and start to work on improving our life experience.

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