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7 Phone Apps I Can’t Live Without

Every now and then it's a good idea to give your mobile a purge. Get rid of things that either cause too much distraction or you don't actually use. That being said, there are 7 phone apps I can't live without and will always be an integral part of my lifestyle.

With every change in season, I make it a priority to review my habits and identify how I’ve been spending my time.  All too often, I don’t have to look far for the source of any distractions. They’re usually found on my phone!  So, as I spent the last week deleting apps that were distracting me, I realised there were 7 phone apps I can’t live without. 

Did you know there’s a feature on your smart phone that tells you how much hours a day you spend using each app? When I first realised this, I was horrified with how much time I spent on social media or some sort of bubble popping game!!  Especially as I was constantly telling myself I had no time to do anything!  Over the years, I’ll admit phone my screen time has not changed that significantly.  However, I’m now exchanging my time on apps that give me ways to make progress, save time and improve my lifestyle.  


Below is a list of the 7 phone apps I can’t live without.  All of them are free, (but also have a paid subscription to unlock more features).  As technology has become an integral part of all our lives, it’s important for to find a way to engage with it in a positive way. A good starting point is to be aware of what we choose to focus on. 


Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of classes for creative and curious people. The topics include crafting, cooking, personal development, health and wellbeing. All the way to art, lifestyle, interior design and business.  You name it – there’s a course on it.  You do have to pay a monthly subscription to access all the courses. However, I have yet to spend a single penny and have taken over 20 courses over the last year. 


I call YouTube my university of life!  Gone are the days of looking for funny cat video’s, YouTube has become my first port of call for all aspects of my life. From my DIY dilemma’s, free workouts, motivational videos, audio books or figuring out my website issues, I am guaranteed to find someone on YouTube that can give me the answers. It’s the perfect distraction swap to watching TV.  


With all the idea’s I have buzzing in my head I need somewhere to quickly write them down.  That’s where Samsung Notes come in. I use it to write down my shopping list, save my weekly workout videos and get ideas. Or get thoughts out of my head so I don’t forget them. If there’s a website I found and want to go back to, I add it to my notes. It’s so easy and convenient as you can also save pictures and voice notes on it. It’s the most used app on my phone!


Where do I start with Samsung Health! Literally, my whole health and weight loss journey is recorded on this easy to use app. I still can’t believe after all these years of using it, the free version continues to be improved with so much useful features. The main widgets I use are the sleep, activity, women’s health, weight and exercise options. It’s a great way to see the journey and progress of all the things I wanted to change about my physical health. I recently bought a Samsung watch for my birthday, so I’m now able to accurately record everything – all day and night. 


Meditopia  is a mindfulness app with meditations, music and stories for when you need a little quiet time or a mind reset. I started using it during lockdown, just to help me switch off and fall asleep.  I absolutely love it. There are guided meditations that are tailored to your current emotion and mindful blog posts that you can either read or listen to. But my favourite thing of all is the music.  You can chose to listen to the sounds of nature, crystals, or deep breathing to help get you centred at any time of the day. For me, it’s the perfect way to drift into a deep sleep at the end of the evening. 


As part of my debt-free journey, saving money has been a priority for me. I love Moneybox as it’s an easy way to start getting into investing and understanding the stock market. It’s very easy to set up. Each time I make a purchase, the money is rounded up to a pound and that round up is invested into the stock market or my saving account. Because it’s automated, in no time at all my investment amount has grown and I am able to save or invest money in my sleep.  This is part of my ‘Pay yourself first’ philosophy and it’s amazingly encouraging to see my savings mount up.


Trello is the app I use to organise EVERYTHING! From my blogging projects, home improvements and things that interest me. This is the app I use to store and organise the idea’s, websites and videos I save on my Samsung Notes. It’s an easy, free, flexible, and visual way to manage it all in one place. I can upload file attachments, create checklists, add labels, due dates, and more.  Making it the perfect way to stay organised and save time. 

I do agree that we spend far too much time on our phones.  However, if most of that time is spent in an effort to improve your life – then I believe that is time well spent.  

Let me know in the comments below what phone apps you can’t live without.


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