5 Personal Growth Goals You Can Achieve This Year

5 Personal Growth Goals You Can Achieve This Year

Despite the external factors that seem to control our lives, we have the power to become more. And, although life can get hard, there are 5 personal growth goals you can achieve this year which will help you move towards the person you want to become.

When all is said and done, we want is to feel good about ourselves. However, the idea of ‘Personal Growth’ can be a confusing road to embark on. Having read a lot of self help and personal development books over the years, I’ve concluded, there are 5 main personal growth goals that truly help you move towards becoming a better version of yourself. 

We all want a life that brings us joy.  Where we feel we have a purpose, we are loved and we are able to love. So, instead of having to think about; What you should be focusing on,  How you know if it’s working or what growth look like?  I’ve made it easy for you to start with just 5 personal growth goals you can achieve this year!

Pick one (or all), of the 5 goals below and kick start your personal growth journey today!

5 Personal Growth Goals You Can Achieve This Year



The countless hours I’ve spent beating myself up about the things I’m not good at was such a waste of time.  

A: because I never took real action to improve on my weaknesses.  And B: because it didn’t allow me the head space to acknowledge the things I was actually good at.  

Focusing on the things you’re good at and taking action to get even better, is one of the best confidence builders of personal growth. It’s from this confidence that you start to erase the limiting beliefs about what you can and can’t do. 

Once I started to lean into my strengths, the things I once thought of as weakness didn’t matter any more. With that new found freedom, came new opportunities to share the things I was good at. It made a difference to how I felt about myself and created a positive impact on the people around me. 



Why do you do the things you do? What makes you react to certain things in a certain way? How do your emotions dictate your choices and actions?

Taking the time to understand the things that trigger emotional reactions – both positive and negative, is a key personal growth goal to work on this year.  

By taking the time to explore why certain things made me angry, happy, sad or feel uncomfortable I was able to look out for the things that triggered them.  Understanding that my reaction was based on past experiences, (which had nothing to do with the present circumstance) was liberating. 

It not only allowed me to release many ghosts from my past, but also enabled me to open up to new experiences – without coming from a place of fear.

Taking time to understand your triggers does not mean those triggers won’t come up.  However, your awareness of what is ‘being’ triggered helps you to reframe the emotions and allows you to make better choices on how you react.



The personal growth goal of decluttering means getting rid of anything that doesn’t serve you. 

Decluttering your life can take many forms.  It could be your environment, the people in your life or your mindset.  Being aware of how you spend your time, who with, what you do and where you do it is important. 

Before the end of the year, review how your current way of living makes you feel. Are you holding on to things that take up space – physical or emotional?  Do the people you spend time with make you feel good about yourself.  Are your days spent doing things that bring you closer to your goals?

Take a good look at how you currently live and take action to declutter the people, things and activities that do not bring you positive energy or balance. 



Most people live a life with no understanding of what they stand for or not working towards how they want to feel.

Defining your core values allows you make it easier to feel good and get clear on what’s actually important in your life – creating a defined direction for everything you do.

Check out my simple 4 step system to make this process easy to define and achieve this year.

Check out the free download below to help you define your values.  

Brazen Home - Believe it - Download - I AM BRAZEN SPIRIT
Define your core values with my free workbook



As you know, the motto for I AM BRAZEN SPIRIT is: Believe It, Plan It, Live It.  A major part in any personal growth plan is to create actionable goals. 

Setting actionable goals can be daunting as for the most part, you may not even know ‘how’ you will achieve them. But, in my experience, the first rule of goal setting is not focusing on the ‘how’, it’s focusing on the ‘why’. 

Once you find a big enough why, the how seems to manifest by it’s self. 

Before the end of this year, write down 2 major goals you would like to achieve. Write down the exact reason why you want to achieve them and the difference it will make to your life. Then think of one small action you could do towards the goal. 

When I first started my brazen journey to lose weight, get out of debt and change how I experienced life, I had no idea it would lead me to being a blogger. 

Set a goal, define your why and take one small action!

If you take action today to work on the 5 Personal Growth Goals before the end of the year, I know your life will start to change for the better. 

Let me know in the comments below how you get on and which of the Personal Growth Goals you will start working towards today!

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