3 Books That will transform your life in 3 months

3 Books That Will Transform Your Life in 3 Months


There's no doubt my life has completely changed over the last 3 years. But, are there really only 3 books that will transform your life in 3 months? My answer is yes - Let me show you how!

Reflecting on my journey, I can now pinpoint the key actions which made changing my mindset, improving my health and having more money in the bank, possible. However, getting here took me 3 years!  If I knew then what I know now, the seeds of change would have been sprouted in 3 months. 

I don’t want you to spend the same amount of years searching for the tools to make lasting changes in your life. So let me share the 3 books you need to completely transform your life in 3 months.

Yes I said it – 3 months!!  

Now, before you roll your eyes and your inner voice is given permission to throw up excuses as to why this can’t happen in 90 days, hear me out!

I have nothing to lose by making this claim – I’m living proof that it can be done. 

I remember the internal struggles I faced when I made the decision to change my life. The battle I had releasing negative behaviours. The impatience to see results. I know it all. I didn’t believe I was worthy of being or having more than what my life consisted of. But, the one thing I was sure of; I didn’t want to live the life I had another day longer.

If any of the above rings true to you – what have you got to lose? 

You have two choices; carry on living the way you are and hoping (by luck) something will change.  Or, make the commitment over the next 3 months to change your life experience and start the most exciting, fulfilling chapter of your journey.

The choice is yours! (It always is.)

“Every action is a vote for the type of person you wish to become” – JAMES CLEAR

You still with me?  OK then, I see you’re serious about real change! 

During the last 3 years, I’ve read over 35 books on self improvement.  All of them had an impact on my journey to some degree. However, I wish someone had told me what books to start with. I would have saved so much time! 

Let me be that someone in your life!

Read on to discover the 3 Books That Will Transform Your Life in 3 Months below. Make sure you do it in the order outlined.  But don’t ‘half ass’ it and cheat yourself!


Follow the exercises.  Do the work.  Commit to change.  Allow them to show you the root of why you find yourself in the position you’re in. Get uncomfortable with the truth of your own self sabotage. 

Then, follow the steps they instruct on how to change the things which have held you back from what you want to achieve, be or do. This is your opportunity to save some time searching for ways to stop surviving on autopilot and begin living life on your terms.

So, if you agree with what I said in My First Video, you don’t have to wait until January comes around to start a New Year. By investing 3 months of your time now, your mindset, aspirations and habits will have changed before you even get to the end of this year.  You’ll then be really clear and focused about what you want the next 365 days to bring to you. 


3 Books, 3 Month's, This Order!

Now I’m not going to go into every detail of each book – you’ve got enough reading to do! But I will give you a brief overview and explain why they are important if you really want to change anything. 

After that, click the book image link and get straight to work! (Your future-self is counting on you.)


Month 1:   Awaken the Giant Within: Tony Robbins

This is the most influential book I have read in my life! 

Without it, I would still be unsure of how to start changing my circumstances, as I would have no idea of what I really wanted to change!

It’s a big book, with over 500 pages. But, each chapter is packed with ‘ah ha’ moments, insights into your behaviour patterns and will uncover why you do what you do – and how to change it! 

You need to read this book first, as it will break down the excuses of the current belief systems which have you where you today. But, the most transformation thing for me was learning how to create my ‘Life Values system’ and the rules that governed them. This was HUGE! Catapulting my initial ‘wanting to change‘ to ‘being committed to change’ and taking real responsibility for my life. 

“As we develop new beliefs about who we are, our behaviours will change to support the new identity”Awaken The Giant Within.

Month 2:   7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness: Jim Rohn

Want to know how I achieved so much over the last 3 years? Read this book in month two!

However, don’t make the mistake and think this book is about making money.  No!  This books is about Goal Setting!  How to set goals, how to take action on your goals and how to track and monitor your progress.

After reading Awaken The Giant Within the month before, you will have set a new baseline for what you will continue to accept in your life. Reading this book next, will enable you to understand the science of goal setting and give you the tools and processes to make it easier to achieve what you want and enjoy the journey towards the person you are becoming.  

I use the daily, weekly, monthly and annual strategies in this book to stay focused on the big picture of my life.  How else would i have been able to stay on track losing weight, getting out of debt, starting a blog. All whilst working full time, raising a family and being a supportive wife! 

In a nut shell – I would never feel motivated to work on my goals, without having the strategies to ensure success.

“Goal setting is not a one-time task with the results set in concrete. Instead, it’s a continuous, lifelong process.”7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness. 

Month 3:   Atomic Habits: James Clear

OK, so only two months in, we’re clear on our values, eliminated negative beliefs and set some life changing goals we’re excited about.  The next step is ensuring we develop the habits that will enable us to make it easy to change.

Why are habits important? Well, take an honest look at yourself. Or, if that’s too uncomfortable – look at me.

3 years ago, my habits had me weighing nearly 150lbs (I’m 5ft!), almost £20k in debt, smoking 20 fags a day, with a ‘woe is me’ attitude. This book helped me understand the cues and rewards those habits served. And then taught me how small, simple adjustments to those habits compounded over time to develop into major life changes. 

Not only did building good habits help achieve my goals and make change ‘easier’, it inadvertently made my resistance to any further changes in my life less of a challenge. 

“Habits do not restrict freedom. They create it”.Atomic Habits

By reading these 3 books, in this order over the next 3 months, I guarantee you will witness a shift in your life experience.  

Can you imagine how grateful your future-self would be when they look back and say “So glad, she took action three months ago, because look at where I am now!”.  I know how that future-self feels. I ‘am’ her today. Thankful I took the time and made a commitment for change. If I didn’t, I would still be broke, overweight, unhappy and you wouldn’t even know I exist – because there would be no blog!

Transform your life with laser focus;  knowing what you want to achieve, how to go about achieving it and knowing the habits needed to make it all come true.

Let me know how you get on in the comments below – I can’t wait to witness your Brazen transformation with my recommendation of 3 Books That Will Transform Your Life in 3 Months . x


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