3 Belief’s Stopping You from Losing Weight

3 Belief’s Stopping You from Losing Weight 

Are these 3 beliefs stopping you from losing weight? If you're still struggling with your own weight loss journey, it's time to change 3 beliefs that may be holding you back.

Let’s be honest, the way we perceive our appearance has an impact on the way we feel. So, if you’ve been struggling to shed a few pounds or want to achieve drastic weight loss  – it’s time to address 3 beliefs stopping you from losing weight and getting in the way of your success. 

Belief number three is my personal favourite. Check out the video below and let me show you how easy it is to change that particular belief.  Are you up for the challenge?


1. I Will Fail – Again!

I can’t tell you the amount of diets, fads and quick fixes I’ve tried over the years. Did I lose weight – yes.  Did I keep it off? No!  And, that truth was the barrier each time I attempted something new to shift weight.

Any time I started a new diet programme, my brain would remind me of past failures. The voice would be so persistent, that when I eventually failed, it would whisper “I told you so!”.  That niggling doubt in my mind, telling me I would not succeed, ultimately became the reality.   I believed I was someone who could not stick to a diet and keep the weight off. 

So how do we change this belief stopping you from losing weight?  By realising these ‘quick fix’ diets are actually designed to make you fail. How else would companies and guru’s continue to make money! I had put so much trust in other people’s promises and products that I lost any trust I had in my own intuition and health needs. 

By swapping the notion of ‘diet and restriction’ to ‘lifestyle and variety’, I was able to explore the things my body responded to.  Doing this, created  less resistance from my sub conscious mind, as it was not experiencing food from a place of lack and craving. I eliminated the pressure of time constraint goals promised by the guru’s and started to build my self trust by tracking how I was feeling, moving and talking to myself. 

Building new habits for the lifestyle I wanted, whilst not focusing on the weight loss, inevitably resulted in me losing weight and maintaining it.  

2. Weight Loss Is Confusing

There are so many factors that determine how your body will lose weight.  The diet industry has villainized the word ‘calorie’ so much that, anyone trying to lose weight is petrified of consuming them. 

The truth of the matter is, a calories is simply how we measure the unit of energy in the body. When this energy is not used, the body then stores it – this storage is what we call fat. 

But the way the calorie is burned depends largely on two things:

  1. Your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). This is the number of calories (energy) required each day to keep your body functioning. e.g. breathing, digestion, blood circulation etc.  
  2. Your AMR (Active Metabolic Rate). This is the number of calories you burn each day through your BMR including your activity levels.

(You can calculate your BMR and AMR here.)

Due to these factors, if you and I ate the same foods, with the same calories, the way our body would burn this energy will be different.  That’s why you can’t follow anyone else’s diet and expect to have the exact same results as them. This expectation can fuel the confusion about your own results and create a belief stopping you from losing weight. Understanding your personal BMR and AMR, is the key to working towards your personal weight goals. 

Once you’ve calculated your BMR and AMR, the next thing to factor in is how to control the input and output of extra energy (calories).  It’s important to know, 1lb is equal to around 3500 calories. So for example, if you wanted to lose 5lbs,  you would have to find a way to eliminate 17,500 calories over a sustained amount of time. 

But the key to success is doing it with a ‘lifestyle’ mindset instead of a diet mentality.  This could be making healthy food swaps, getting more sleep, intermittent fasting or my favourite – moving your body. All of which will have a positive impact on your AMR and burn more calories each day. 

Understanding the specific needs for your own body will allow you to eliminate the fear of calories, accept a more realistic time span for your weight loss goal and keep you truly motivated knowing you are building a new life style.

3. I Don’t Have Time To Work Out

The excuse of being time poor was a belief that plagued me for years.  There was so much to do and other peoples needs I had to fulfil – “I don’t have time to work out.” Sound familiar? 

Sorry, I’m just gonna come out raw and tell you – YOU’RE LYING TO YOURSELF!

Yes I said it.  Want to know how I know this?  Because I lived that lie. I would still be living that lie if I didn’t make a commitment to change my lifestyle habits. The solution was taking the action to start with something easy – something I couldn’t find an excuse for. 

So, with that said – let me give you a simple challenge!

Follow the 4 minute workout below, at least 3 times this week and then let me know what results you see and feel!

Above I have recorded myself doing a 4 minute HITT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout from Lucy Wyndham-Read.  (Click for Lucy’s routine I followed) Take action and start your habit today. You don’t need any equipment – hell, you don’t even need a pair of trainers. All you need to do is let go of your belief and excuses!

If you really believe you haven’t got 4 spare minutes, on at least three occasions, over the next 7 days, to complete a workout  – we definitely need to talk one to one! (Contact me now – I have solutions!)

If however, you know there are no excuses to continue this one belief which is stopping you from losing weight, click the video and start today!  

Changing a belief starts with taking action and then turning those actions into habits. Once you get clear on your goal and start keeping promises to yourself, the more those promises turn into habits that transform your life experience.

Let me know in the comments below when you have completed the workout and taken the time to invest in your future self. 


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